Happy 7th Anniversary Pinoygraphers(Singapore)!

After 7 years, Pinoygraphers(Singapore) is still going strong! I am always proud to be part of this organization since the very start. The next year will be more challenging as we aim to achieve more activities and recruit new members.

Pinoygraphers(Singapore) is a recognized non-profit organization by the Singapore Registry of Societies(RoS). We are a group of Filipino photography enthusiasts who aim to hone our skills and share our "Passion for Photography". We are also known as [email protected], PGSG, or Pinoygraphers.

So cheers and happy anniversary from me, a proud Pinoygrapher!

If you are Filipino, you live in Singapore and have passion for photography, please join us at our website or forum. You can also like our Facebook Page for info. Alternatively, you can contact me!