Does your camera brand really matter?

Does your camera brand really matter?

I started photography in 2003 using a Canon film camera. If my memory serves me right, it was a Canon 300V. Then, since digital photography got cheaper I was able to upgrade to a Canon 300D (Digital Rebel). The 300D was the model used by my photography professor and mentor Jay Alonzo so I was very proud of it!

After using the 300D for several years, I felt the need to upgrade to a better camera. However, due to financial constraints, I cannot afford a Canon 20D at that time. So I opted to buy a Nikon camera instead. I bought the Nikon D70s and it was really a good performer during those times. I used the camera until 2012. This camera gave me a lot of great photographs! It eventually paid for itself so I decided to move on. In late 2012, I decided to upgrade to a pre-owned Nikon D300 since again I cannot afford a new one.

Model (photo)

I loved my Nikon cameras. What I loved about Nikon is how user-friendly the cameras are. And, for me the controls outside the camera is just very convenient which is useful when shooting events. Plus, Nikon's flash system is really awesome! TTL, CLS, you name it :)

Just to back track a bit, around 2007, I was also able to snag a good deal with nice owner of a well-taken cared of Hasselblad 500 C/M, a MF(Medium Format) fully-manual film camera plus a couple of lenses. I wanted to try this format so I looked for a pre-owned one. Fortunately, I was able to find one! Great classic camera and also produced amazing photos for my portfolio. It also gave me a lot of discipline to think about the shot first before pressing the shutter release.

Model (photo)

Back to the future ;) Oh well to the present. I used my D300 for some gigs and was able to produce nice photos with it as well. I was amazed how improved it is compared to my previous camera, the D70s. However, it was just too heavy sometimes for shooting photos of family and friends. I guess I am not used to semi-professional sized cameras.

Family Portrait with Centenos (photo)

So with this dilemma, I thought of buying a compact camera which I wanted to use for my casual shooting. I asked some friends and did my own research and ended up buying a Sony camera. Yes, a Sony camera. I used to remember back then when Sony was just starting with manufacturing professional DSLRs, their cameras really suck. So while researching I realized it is a different ball game now. Sony cameras now rock!

So now I own a Sony a6000 (ILCE-6000) which is even more advanced than my D300. I just didn't buy a compact camera, but a camera which I can use to seriously shoot people and events for my photogaphy portfolio. It also produces very nice landscapes and HD video so it was really a steal!

Alabang, Philippines (photo)

If you're following my story, that was from Canon to Nikon to Sony. I always wanted to produce great photos for myself, my family and friends using cameras I can afford. And, I was able to do that. For me, camera brands do not really matter. At the end of the day, it is your photos that will speak for itself. What matters most are the stories your photos tell and of course the fulfillment you feel when creating memories for yourself, your family and friends.

What do you think? Does your camera brand really matter?

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