Capture One Express (for Sony)

Capture One Express (for Sony)

I was looking for a RAW converter for my Sony a6000 and someone suggested to try out Capture One Express(for Sony). It is actually free for Sony camera users! So if you're a Sony user, this is a must-try!

Here is the link to download it:

Make sure when you run it, choose the Express version because is the free one.

I captured this photo and made it underexposed in purpose

After adjusting the exposure in Capture One, voila! The Sony a6000 captured enough information to make you recover a poorly exposed photo. I am amazed with the dynamic range.

Here is the result:

Note: The underexposed shot is done in purpose and for illustration purposes only. I am not suggesting that you do not properly expose your photo and try to fix it with software! There is still great value in having the discipline to know how to use your camera.

Here are a couple of conversions I did with good exposure. The HDR feature of Capture One Express (for Sony) is really neat!

Looks like there is a good deal to upgrade to Capture One Pro for Sony. Check it out!

Upgrade is for 23euros(catch is it only supports Sony cameras but the great thing is it has the Pro features) It's still way cheaper than the full Capture One Pro 8 which will cost you 206euros. That's more or less a 90% discount! :P

I'll try Capture One for a few days and see if the upgrade is truly worth it!

Have you tried Capture One Pro? Would love to hear some feedback! Leave a message below.


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