8 Quick Tips to Shoot Better Photos

8 Quick Tips to Shoot Better Photos

  1. Take time to think about the shot before clicking your shutter release. Check your shutter Speed(for capturing movement), Aperture(for Depth of Field), and ISO setting(for light sensitivity). Make sure you have the perfect settings for the shot. Understand how the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO is used to expose your photos and you’re good! Remember all these can help you control your exposure.

  2. When you’re already confident on how to use Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO, always shoot Manual

  3. Understand your camera’s metering. If you’re using Nikon, the matrix metering is really awesome. Spot metering is very good but hard to use for beginners so study it first before using it!

  4. Follow the “focal length rule” to avoid blurry photos. The focal length rule is setting the inverse of your shutter speed to be greater than the focal length of your lens.

  5. Make it a habit to delete underexposed photos from your camera. This will instill discipline to shoot perfectly exposed photos. My personal rule is not to salvage a poorly captured shot by post-processing!

  6. Use flash even when outdoors especially if you want to capture a bright background and perfectly expose your subject.

  7. Read your camera’s manual by heart and know everything about it. This will equip you when shooting as you can adjust to every situation. It will also let you know your camera’s limitations.

  8. Practice practice practice!